This winter, our collection comprises of innovative textures and designs which we have introduced as the new ALL SEASONS COLLECTION – 2 in our Cedarlam Grandeur range. The collection is comprised of exclusively developed textures and designs replicating natural objects.

All Seasons Collection consists of 4 new textures which are developed with inspirations drawn from natural objects like wood, creepers and stones. We have taken these natural objects and transformed them into modern and optical bright illusionary texture surfaces. This unique transformation results in a high shine and gloss effect at various spots and position on the textures. These bold textures have been designed keeping in view the trend of bold and prominent highlighting look at the various surfaces which are decorated to give eye-catching effect.

All Season Collection – 2 also include designs developed depicting natural objects like canvas, brushstrokes and natural wood. These designs are presented in colours  which are close to its natural look. These textures and designs are ideal to be applied on surfaces which has to be given a natural and highlighting look.

Disclaimer – * The images of textures presented here are for reference purpose only. Please refer to our physical catalog for exact look and feel of textures.