Cedar lam is a gorgeous collection of premium quality decorative laminates, brought to you by a highly skilled, professionally managed and a highly accredited company in India.

Keeping quality in mind, the manufacturing plant is certified for ISI 2046 : 1995, ISO 9001 : 2008 and ISO 14001 : 2004 our products also meets the British European Standard BS EN 438 and the American NEMA LD3 standards. We have incorporated a 7-point quality control system to ensure that every single one of laminates sheet goes through seven different quality control check points during its production period.This ensure that only highest qualities of products are made available to our valuable customers.

Our factory also has a state-of-the-art chemical plant, which manufactures quality resins used in the production of laminates. Having a modern plant allows our R & D team to experiment with innovative materials to produce quality resins that will stand the test of time.

Special care has been taken to ensure only creative and innovative texture and designs are selected to build the Cedar lam Grandeur Collection. We have a wide variety of both artistic and natural design elements in our collection which will facilitates consumers to customize and beautify their spaces, as they seem for.

Ageing Protection Guide

Its common knowledge that the life of any furniture largely depends on the type of surface used. These are various types of surfaces available, such as Veneers,Foils, Membrane, Paints, Paper PVC and Decorative High Pressure Laminates, to name a few. Out of all these surface, no other product can match the strength,density, versatility and longevity of High Pressure Decorative Laminates.

The reason for this is that High Pressure Laminates (HPL), as the name suggests are manufactured at very high pressure and temperature. At these conditions,the Thermosetting Synthetic Resin used in the production, undergoes an exothermic chemical reaction, which results in a permanently bonded laminate sheet.

With Cedarlam decorative laminates, we have taken this technology a step further with a proprietary process called Ageing Protection Guard (APG) , APG is a 2 pronged approach to further strengthen, density and increase surface resistant and impact resistance of our HPL sheets. First we focus on the ink used in printing of our design papers. All APG sheets are printed using High Density Plastisol Inks.

This type of inks differs from traditional water based ink because they have longer lasting shelf life and have greater surface resistance to withstand day-to- day and wet rubbing. Papers printed with this ink are resistant to the harmful effects of UV light. As a result the colours do not fade over time.

To provide yet another layer of protection we add a special class of surface protecting tissue paper on all laminate sheets.

This paper, imported from a world Class producer from Germany, is impregnated with titanium dioxide and pure melanine, which is essentially doubles the life of the laminate surface.

As a combined results of using specialized inks and surface protection paper, our APG certified laminates out-shine and out-perform regular decorative High Pressure Laminates.

Disclaimer – * The images of textures presented here are for reference purpose only. Please refer to our physical catalog for exact look and feel of textures.